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  • LP 4 Way Stretch Knee Support
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    4 Way Stretch Knee Support


    The LP 4 Way Stretch Knee Support provides firm support of the knee joint with gentle compression over the kneecap and is designed to conform naturally to the contours of the knee.

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    LP Ankle Brace With Straps
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    Ankle Brace With Straps


    The LP Ankle Brace With Straps features non-stretch nylon “figure 8” straps and will protect you from ankle inversion and eversion sprains. We also recommend this brace if you suffer from instability due to previous ankle injuries and are worried about repeat strains or other injuries.

  • LP Ankle Support
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    Ankle Support


    The LP Ankle Support supports weak ankles, prevents ligament sprains and relieves pain from tendonitis. You can add a simple strap to enhance the adjustability or stability of the brace. It is is an ideal choice for those with a history of neoprene or latex allergies.

  • LP Ankle Support-704
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    Ankle Support-704


    The LP Ankle Support-704 is designed to support and compress weak  or unstable ankle joints and will also reduce swelling and stiffness after injury. Its open toe and heel design increases your wearing comfort and simplifies application and removal.

  • Arm Power Sleeve


    Choose the LP Support Arm Power Sleeve to take your performance to new levels. The Power Band and Regulation Area will maintain ideal compression levels, minimize energy waste and improve kinetic capacity.

  • LP EmbioZ Arm Power Sleeve with Silicone
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    Arm Power Sleeve with Silicone


    The LP EmbioZ Arm Power Sleeve with Silicone incorporates a Power System along the elbow and upper arm muscles that increases the stability and proprioception of the elbow-wrist continuous movement. It will improve the accuracy of movements of your upper extremity and bring you enhanced performance with a reduced risk of injury. Try it and prepare to be amazed.

  • LP Arm Sling
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    Arm Sling


    The LP Arm Sling supports your injured arm and allows its weight to be borne by the back and shoulder. With an adjustable hook and loop closure for proper height adjustment and a special netting material to prevent heat build up, this sling has the features you need to wear it all day long with maximum support and minimum discomfort.

  • LP EmbioZ Back Support Top with Silicone
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    Back Support Top with Silicone


    The LP EmbioZ Back Support Top with Silicone features a Power System to enhance explosive and efficient use of upper torso muscles. It combines this with a moisture wicking Comfort System, General Compression and a Seamless  design to create a peerless alliance of comfort, performance improvement and injury protection.

  • LP Support Calf Power Sleeve

    Calf Power Sleeve


    The LP Support Calf Power Sleeve features a Y shaped Power Band, a Regulation Area and seamless Lycra for unmatched performance and comfort.

  • LP EmbioZ Calf Power Sleeve with Silicone
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    Calf Power Sleeve with Silicone


    The LP EmbioZ Calf Power Sleeve with Silicone features a Power Band around the calf muscles that enhances lower extremity kinetic chain movements between the leg ankle. It also prevents overstretching, stabilizes ankle movement, increases proprioception, and enhances the effectiveness of leg movement reproduction.

  • LP Cervical Collar
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    Cervical Collar


    The LP Cervical Collar uses a hook and loop design for optimal user comfort and restricts head/neck movement to aid recovery from neck strains, and wry neck. Its polyester/nylon mix makes it the ideal solution for those with neoprene allergies.

  • LP Clavic Brace
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    Clavic Brace For Posture Improvement


    The LP Clavic Brace will help you correct and maintain your posture by targeting and strengthening those neck and upper back muscles that help you keep pressure off your lower back and avoid pain in that area.