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LP® Support provides high quality supports for the entire body. The company is recognized as a leader in the sports medicine field and in the development of technical protective wear. Their products have deservedly won the trust of athletes, sports fans and sports medicine professionals all over the world .
LP® Support – Key Product Features
The following is a list of some of the most popular and innovative features of LP® Support products:

LP® Support’s patented MaxWrap line of products features a premium wrap that is designed to aid prevention, treatment and rehabilitation after injury. It has a unique silicone backing design providing localized compression and non-slip support to maintain stability. MaxWrap can be applied so you can precisely target the injured area for support and compression,  leaving the uninjured areas free of any restrictions
The LP Extreme product range features a layer of the innovative Coolprene® material which is designed to dissipate heat during use. Coolprene has specially designed grooves and venting holes that work in a pumping motion when the joint moves in order to facilitate heat release.
Coolprene also stretches and rebounds during exercise and muscle contraction. Its diamond-shaped grids generate a compression force and a superficial massaging effect on the muscles to release pain and tightness. This also increases circulation, decreases fatigue and enhances muscle and joint flexibility. The grids also possess an anti slip feature, allowing Coolprene supports to remain firmly in place during physical activity, and increasing their effectiveness.
The LP EmbioZ line provides unrivalled performance enhancement and injury protection through its innovative Power System that maximizes energy, strength and endurance.

We encourage you to explore these and the many other innovative features from  LP® Support and are confident that you will find the combination of features, price and overall product quality that you are seeking.
Which are some of the most popular products from LP® Support?
The LP Tennis & Golf Elbow Wrap, LP Hinged Knee Stabilizer and the LP Arm Sling have proven to be among the most popular products in this line.

Suggested LP® Support Products

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