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Disinfectants & Cleaners are an important line of defense against the spread of disease in your clinic. Together with table examination paper and medical examination gloves, they help to control the risk of spread between patients or from patients to your staff.

The three main factors to bear in mind when choosing disinfectants & cleaners for your healthcare facility are:

What is the contact time of the disinfectant? Hopefully, the disinfectant will hopefully stay wet and in contact with any pathogens that may be present for a sufficiently long period to eliminate them. However, some disinfectants can dry before the pathogens are eliminated, leaving surfaces not fully disinfected. Hence, the shorter the contact time of the disinfectant, the better.
Will it be damaging to the equipment present in your clinic?  The aim here will be to avoid a disinfectant that may damage the surfaces of your equipment.
How compatible will it be with the cleaning tools you use? Some cleaning tools can actually reduce the effectiveness of a disinfectant. For example, cottons and microfibers can bind with certain types of disinfectants and inhibit their release onto the surface that you are cleaning.

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