Leg Support Tights with Silicone

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The LP EmbioZ Leg Support Tights with Silicone features a Power System along the lower body to improve muscle endurance, blood & lymphatic circulation and the overall efficiency of the lower body kinetic chain. Combined with its seamless design, general compression and Comfort System, these tights will take your performance to new levels while you enjoy greater comfort levels during training or competition.

The LP EmbioZ Leg Support Tights with Silicone features a Power System that covers the body from the waist down, with four benefits:

  • It improves proprioception and with it the ability of the lower body to sense and avoid unnatural movements and positions that may cause harm. This reduces the risk of injury during intense training or competition. In these situations,  the body will need to rely more on instinctive reactions for self protection.
  • It acts in a manner akin to kinesiology tape and pulls the skin over the underlying muscles to improve blood flow to the muscles and the drainage of lymphatic fluid and metabolic waste away from them. This improves muscle endurance and your ability to maintain performance levels despite extended period of physical activity.
  • It improves the effectiveness of the kinetic chain formed by the thighs, knees and lower legs, thus increasing the explosive power of actions such as jumping squatting, kicking, cycling or running.
  • It applies general compression to the lower body. This will supplement the improvement to blood and lymphatic circulation described above.

In addition to the Power System, the LP EmbioZ  Leg Support Tights with Silicone features a Comfort System to wick away perspiration. It also keeps your lower body adequately ventilated and at the correct temperature. The result is optimal comfort for you during long training.

The Compression Tights’ seamless design also improves wearing comfort. You will not have to worry about welts, marks or other damage to your skin despite the high level of compression

Tip – for best results, please ensure you position the Power System around your knee.

For Which Types Of Activity Is The LP EmbioZ Leg Support Tights with Silicone Recommended?

Any activity that relies on the lower body kinetic chain will see an improvement when you are wearing these tights. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Sprinting
  • Soccer
  • Track & Field (long jump or high jump)
  • Football

S - 28 ½" - 31½ " / 78 - 90 cm

M - 30 ¾" - 35½ " / 78 - 90 cm

L - 34 ¾" - 39 ½ " / 88 - 100 cm

XL - 38 ½" - 43¼ " / 98 - 110 cm

Wash by hand using soap. You can also machine wash using a laundry bag containing cold water.
The water temperature should not be greater than 105℉ /40℃.
Avoid bleaching, ironing. dry cleaning and tumble drying. Avoid using fabric softener.


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