Foam Roller

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A foam roller is a therapeutical exercise device made from compressed foam and having a cylindrical or semi cylindrical shape. It is used for many purposes, including increasing patient flexibility, eliminating muscle knots and reducing general soreness.Foam rolling can be done to treat skeletal muscle immobility and pain through the relaxation of contracted muscles. It also conveys the benefits of improved blood, oxygen and lymphatic fluid circulation. Foam rolling also stimulates muscles stretch reflex (muscle contraction in response to stretching within the muscle). As a result it offers many of the benefits of myofascial release.

A foam roller can come in varying lengths and degrees of firmness. In general, a softer texture is best for less experienced users. Foam rollers with different levels of firmness often have colour codes, with different colours representing different firmness levels (similar to resistance bands).

Is It Better To Use A Smooth Or Bumpy Foam Roller?

In general, smooth rollers offer less intense pressure levels. They are therefore better suited for less experienced users.

For experienced rollers. a more textured (bumpy) foam roller aims to simulate the hands of a masseur. The ridges and knots on the surface can provide targeted treatment to help resolve muscle knots or other problems.

Should Foam Rolling Be A Daily Activity?

Once you have gained some proficiency with this activity, you should use a foam roller every day (or at least several times a week) as part of your exercise routine. Foam rolling should be like stretching and, indeed, it conveys many of the same benefits. These include improved blood flow, less soft tissue density and muscle relaxation. Foam rolling also improves overall flexibility.These all add up to lower risk of injury.

Can Foam Rolling Help With Weight Loss?

While foam rolling may not provide direct help with weight loss, it will help you recover more quickly from your workouts. With its blood circulation benefits, it will allow you to more quickly get rid of your sore and aching muscles and be ready for your next workout.  By allowing you to exercise more consistently and rigorously, and with less risk of injury, a foam roller will help you to ose weight.

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