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Resistance bands are a portable and versatile exercise option that will allow you to keep fit while you are on the road or social distancing at home. The advantages offered by these bands also include lower risk of injury, improved flexibility and increased range of motion.

Lower Injury Risk

In contrast with free weights, resistance bands don’t depend on the force of gravity to be effective. As a result, there is less risk of joint compression and the resultant joint injuries.

Improved Flexibility

Many resistance band exercises incorporate stretching movements. As a result, by exercising with these bands, you warm up your muscles by performing repeated and active muscle contractions against resistance together with a dynamic lengthening of your muscles.

Resistance bands also allow you to combine flexibility improvement with strength training. You an use the elastic nature of the band to let your body go through the full eccentric phase  of each rep, with your joints and muscles 100% mobilized and stretched. In addition, you can vary the planes of motion to exploit angles that you simply cannot  reach by doing body weight or free weight strength training.

Interval  Training

A third aspect of the flexibility improvement that is available through using resistance bands is the ability to intersperse low intensity, high rep training sessions with more aggressive training sessions. These low resistance, high rep sessions will allow the soft tissues to be lengthened and challenged without the creation of inflammation that would lead to muscle pain and joint stiffness. Instead, the low intensity, high rep sessions improve blood circulation and provide fatigued tissues with freshly oxygenated blood, thus shortening the time needed to recover.

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