Suggested Resistance Band Products

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  • CanDo® Adjustable Exercise Band

    Adjustable Exercise Band

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    The resistance of each band can be increased or decreased by adjusting length of band used.  The band is 8″ in length and 1″ in width.  Available in extra light to extra heavy resistance levels.

  • CanDo® Adjustable Exercise Band Kit

    Adjustable Exercise Band Kit

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    The CanDo® Adjustable Exercise Band Kit is a portable, light-weight, exercise system.  Available in different kits.

  • CanDo® Dispens-A-Band® Exercise Band Rack

    Dispens-A-Band Exercise Band Rack

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    Wooden rack holds five 100-yard Perf 100 dispenser boxes or any 50 yard dispenser boxes. Convenient and easy way to store and
    dispensing exercise band rolls.
  • CanDo® Exercise Band & Tubing Scissors

    Exercise Band & Tubing Scissors

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    Band & Tubing Scissors are an important accessory for cutting exercise band and tubing down to the correct size.

  • CanDo® Exercise Band Handle with D-Ring

    Exercise Band Handle with D-Ring

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    Handles offer a comfortable grip when attached to exercise band and tubing.  Can also be used with with the Cando adjustable bands.

  • CanDo® Exercise Band Rack

    Exercise Band Rack

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    Feature wo lightweight, stackable plastic racks that hold ten 100-yard Perf 100™ rolls or any 50-yard rolls of resistive exercise band each. Cradle facilitates smooth dispensing of any exercise band.

  • 360 Athletics Fitness Loops
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    Fitness Loops

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    The 360 Athletics Fitness Loops are a great choice for those whose daily schedules require late night or early morning workouts while on vacation or on business trips.

  • CanDo® Low Powder Exercise Band

    Low Powder Exercise Band

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    CanDo® Perf 100® economic bulk size roll is the best value for large clinics.  This band is perforated every 5 feet which means that no scissors are needed to cut the band.  There are 60 5-foot exercise bands in each roll.  The dispenser band is 100 yards/300 feet in length.   Product is made of natural latex rubber.

  • Val-u-Band® - Low Powder exercise band
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    Low Powder Exercise Band

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    This economically priced latex exercise band offers the same versatility and resistance, in terms of quality, as the more expensive brands.  Available in xx-light resistance to xxx-heavy resistance levels.


  • Resistance Bands

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    Theraband resistance bands are portable enough to easily fit in a suitcase. So you can take them with you (whether you travel by car or plane) on business or vacation trips. Now you will have no excuse for missing a workout!

    • Available both with and without latex and in lengths of either 6 or 50 yards;
    • You can cut the 50 yd lengths into shorter pieces for specific exercises you have in mind;
    • Color coded resistance levels mean there is no risk of misidentifying the correct band for each exercise (reducing the risk of accidental injury)
  • CanDo® WalSlide® Original Exercise Station

    WalSlide Original Exercise Station

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    CanDo WalSlide® original exercise station is easy to assemble, simple to use, and takes up little space. Locking anchor on center channel allows for unlimited height positions. Heavy-duty aluminum frame is perfect for the professional setting.   Overhead section, band, tubing and handles are sold separately.

  • CanDo® WalSlide® Slim® 2.0™ Exercise Station

    WalSlide Slim 2.0 Exercise Station

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    The WalSlide Slim is a wall-mounted, lightweight exercise station for use with resistance exercise bands and tubing. Because both the unit and the anchor are height adjustable, it  can be used for both upper and lower body exercising.  Attaches to the wall and is 36 inches in length.