Suggested Hygiene & Skin Care Products

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  • Comfort Shampoo Cap

    Comfort Shampoo Cap

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    The Comfort Shampoo Cap enhances patient satisfaction by allowing nurses to keep their hair clean and soft without the aggravation required by traditional shampooing. It removes EEG gel, blood, iodine and other foreign matter, leaving the hair fresh, soft and clean. Bag of 40 caps.

  • SudoCrem Incontinence Cream

    Incontinence Cream

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    SudoCrem Incontinence Cream has been used for almost 50 years to protect skin from dermatitis due to incontinence.

  • Sween moisturizing body cream - 85mL

    Sween Moisturizing Body Cream

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    Sween moisturizing body cream is available in either 85mL or 190mL tubes and is equipped with vitamins A& D to help prevent sore or chapped skin .

  • TENA Cleansing Cream

    TENA Cleansing Cream

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    TENA Cleansing Cream offers a skin friendly alternative to soap and water for hygiene and incontinence care and also provides moisture and nourishment to delicate skin.

  • TENA Protective Cream

    TENA Protective Cream

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    TENA skin protective cream uses zinc oxide as an active ingredient and creates a barrier over the skin to repel dry air and keep the skin moist and healthy.

  • TENA Ultra Washcloths

    TENA Ultra Washcloths

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    TENA Ultra Washcloths are pre moistened wipes perfect for rinse free cleansing, soothing and conditioning the skin. They are also designed for easy use with single hand dispensing from a low profiled soft pack.