Chilling Unit & Freezer

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Chilling Units & Freezers allow you to store large numbers of cold packs in your clinic to meet the needs of your patients. As your practice grows,  the advantages of having a ready store of cold packs, maintained at appropriate temperatures  and ready to deploy at a moment’s notice, may become increasingly apparent.

Some of the factors you will need to consider in choosing among the available options include:

How important is it to be able to easily move the unit from place to place at your practice? Mobile chilling units are significantly more expensive than stationary ones. If your practice is located in a large building or if you have several different departments that will be sharing the unit on a daily basis, the additional investment for a mobile unit may be worthwhile. Otherwise, it will make sense to settle for the more economically priced stationary models.
How many patients do you see at your practice for whom cold therapy is an appropriate treatment option? Different chilling units & freezers have different capacities and you need to ensure that the capacity of the one you choose is suited to the size and nature of your practice.

In making these determinations, you will of course need to consider not just the current size and nature of your practice but also how it is likely to evolve over the lifetime of the equipment.

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