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  • Renfrew Tape
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    Professional Trainers Tape

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    Renfrew Tape (#188 Professional Trainers Tape) is Canadian made from premium bleached cotton back cloth coated with a zinc oxide-impregnated rubber adhesive.

    • Useful for treating sprains, strains and other sports injuries involving joints and soft tissues
    • Can also be applied to weak or vulnerable joints for additional support during athletically demanding activities
    • Effectively supports smaller joints such as fingers, wrists or even ankles.
    • 100% Canadian made
    • Fully tearable
    • Premium quality zinc oxide adhesive
    • Can be effectively used in combination with a self adhesive tape like Andover Powerflex

    Please see below for additional information about Renfrew Tape (#188 Professional Trainers Tape).

  • LP Shoulder Support - 958
    In Stock

    Shoulder Support

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    The LP Shoulder Supports promotes rapid healing of your dislocated or otherwise damaged shoulder  and helps you return gradually to a full range of motion.

  • Sully Shoulder Brace

    Sully Shoulder Brace

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    The Sully Shoulder Brace provides breathability and shoulder support to treat a wide variety of shoulder injuries including shoulder strains, shoulder separation and rotator cuff deceleration. You can also use it in the post operative stages to assist recovery from shoulder surgery. The brace fits both right and left shoulders. It includes a vest, pad and adhesive backed hock material that ensures reliable attachment in the correct therapeutic position. The pad can also be purchased separately for use with other shoulder supports. Available in sizes Large, Medium and Small.

  • Mueller Sports Medicine TapeWrap® Premium
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    TapeWrap Premium

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    Mueller Sports Medicine TapeWrap is a breathable and cohesive bandage that offers an alternative to DynaPro SelfWrap or Andover PowerFlex.

  • Mueller Tear Light Tape
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    Tear Light Tape

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    Mueller Sports Medicine Tear Light® Tape is a light adhesive tape featuring excellent conformability and easy tearing and unwinding.