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    • Mueller Sports Medicine MWrap
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      • The Latex-Free Mueller MWrap  can protect your skin from tape, keep your hair away from your face, secure pads and socks or serve as a protective wrap inside hiking or skiing boots or athletic footwear.
      • MWrap can also keep your hair away from your face or hold or secure pads and socks.
      • Additionally, it can serve as a protective wrap inside hiking or ski boots or athletic footwear.
      • A trainer can use it to hold hot or cold packs in place over an injury. When used in this way, MWrap will also provide mild compression which itself will have therapeutic benefits.
      • Easy to tear but is much stronger in twisted form. As a result, it has been increasingly used in recent years to create straps to treat injured knee and elbow tendons. Used this way, it performs the same role as an elbow strap used to treat tennis or golf elbow, or a knee strap used to treat patellar tendonitis.
      • In bulk packaging. MWrap is sold by the case of 48 rolls except for the Natural colour option, which can be purchased by the roll. Prices shown are all for a single roll except for the Assorted price which is for a case of 48.
      • Also available in individually wrapped retail packaging.
    • McDavid Underwrap - Black

      Pre Taping Underwrap

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      Save the day and the skin with McDavid Underwrap  – pre-taping polyurethane foam underwrap  on a roll

    • Cramer pre wrap in muliple colours

      Pre Wrap

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      Cramer Pre Wrap is the ultimate accessory for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and anyone seeking enhanced comfort and skin protection during physical activities. It has many uses:

      • Protects the skin from irritation due to athletic tape usage;
      • Also facilitates tape removal
      • Applies light compression for injury treatment
      • Can be used to hold cold packs securely in place, or as ahead band that keeps hair out of the way.
      • Available in a variety of colours that match just about any team uniform
    • Assorted Pre Wrap

      Pre Wrap – Assorted Colours

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      48 Mueller Sports Medicine assorted pre wrap rolls in a variety of popular colours.