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  • Bio Skin Back Flex
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    Back Flex

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    Targeted  compression for effective back pain treatment

    The Bio Skin Back Flex is a simple and effective treatment for a variety of causes of lumbar pain. it is also helpful as a post-procedural treatment for stabilization, compression, and cold therapy. The brace includes two hot/cold gel pads that attach to the lumbar panel to enhance patient comfort and maximize pain relief.

    The patent-pending design of the Back Flex provides unrivaled support and pain relief to the lower spine. The solid lumbar panel is attached to a mechanically-advantaged cinching mechanism which provides adjustable pressure to the lumbar spine. Because the cords attach the side panels to the back panel, engaging the cinching mechanism focuses the compression on the spine and provides better support than is possible with other designs.


  • Bio Skin Back Plus
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    Back Plus

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    Pain relief and stabilization. Promotes proper positioning during healing.

    The Bio Skin Back Plus combines the pain-relieving benefits of compression with stabilization after an injury or procedure to promote proper positioning during healing. The cinching mechanism allows a patient to easily apply circumferential compression. The shoulder straps anchor the shoulders to the back panel, limiting thoracic and lumbar flexion, extension, and rotation.

    Includes two hot/cold gel pads that attach to the lumbar panel to enhance patient comfort and maximize pain relief.


  • Bio Skin Baja 627
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    Baja 627

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    It’s a Cinch, 41% reduction in low back pain

    The Bio Skin Baja 627 provides unrivaled lumbar support and pain relief, allowing you to return to normal activity. It has a double lacing system with the two banks of pulleys positioned on the sides of the torso. When the patient engages the cinching mechanism, the posterior panel is drawn forward, focusing the compression on the soft tissues that support the spine.

    A recent study using the bilateral cinching mechanism of the Baja 627 showed an average reduction in VAS scores of 40% and a 41% improvement in Roland Morris Disability Questionnaire scores in patients with chronic low back pain.

  • LP Industrial Back Support

    Industrial Back Support

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    Features include 4″ side pulls which allows room for adjustment for a comfortable fit and criss cross shoulder straps/suspenders which are adjustable to aid in keeping the brace in place.  Flexible stays help to relieve stress on lower back.

  • LP Sacro Lumbar Support
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    Sacro Lumbar Support

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    Designed to relieve lower back pain and aids in preventing loss of muscle tissue.  Made with neoprene to assist in retaining heat in lower back as well as offering maximum compression when the outside hooks and loop closures are tightened.

  • LP Sacro Lumbar Support - Professional

    Sacro Lumbar Support – Professional

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    Designed to relieve pain associated with sacroiliac and lumbar joint dysfunction and also helps prevent sprains of supporting ligaments. Features two pliable stays and four aluminum stays which can be removed.