Massage Therapy Supplies

Choosing Your Massage Therapy Supplies

Massage Therapist tending to a patient.Dunbar Medical can provide our massage therapist clients with superior quality massage therapy supplies. Our product range includes massage gets and lotions from Chattanooga and Eco Med. We can also supply massage tables from the reputable Chattanooga line.

Massage therapy is based on manipulation of bodily soft tissues to optimize patient health. These soft tissues consist of muscles, connective tissues, tendons, ligaments and joints.

Choosing A Massage Table

Probably the most important tool in the armoury of a massage therapist is the surface on which the massage is performed, i.e. the massage table. It should therefore be the first item you consider for your massage therapy supplies list.

There are 2 types of table – stationary and portable. If your practice is based in a specific location and clients will be coming to there, a stationary table is a better option. This type of table is heavier and therefore more difficult to move than a portable table.

When choosing a massage table for your practice, the most important thing to bear in mind is the table dimensions, i.e. length and width. Height is also important to the comfort and well being of the therapist. The table surface should be comfortable for the client to lay on. Choose a table with thick, dense and comfortable padding for optimal client comfort.

Generally, stationary massage tables are made from wood while portable ones are made from aluminium in order to be easier to transport.

For your taller clients, you may want to include table accessories such as headrests, leg rests, arm shelves and side extensions in your shopping list of massage therapy supplies. For even greater client comfort, you should also consider table warmers, pillows and sheets for inclusion on your list.

Don’t forget to include massage table chairs  on your list of massage therapy supplies. They are another option for performing massages and are a great choice if space is limited at your practice’s premises. They are also useful if you specialize in performing massages of specific body areas such as the shoulder, back or neck.

Consider Including Massage Tools On Your Therapy Supplies List

Don’t forget to consider massage tools for inclusion on your massage therapy supplies shopping list. You can choose either electrical or manual tools. Electrical tools are available in both percussive and electrical form. You can use them to apply constant heat and vibration to your clients’ sore areas.

Tiger Tail Original Massage Stick 18" - a useful option to include in your massage therapy supplies
Original Tiger Tail Massage Stick

Manual tools include balls, rollers,hot stone massage tools and even massage  sticks like the Original Tiger Tail Massage Stick. These tools will provide you with additional options to provide a more comprehensive massage to treat your clients’ aches, pains and stiffness. They will also be useful in breaking the monotony of a standard hands-only massage.

Choosing Massage Gels

Our massage gels will help you to target your patients’ tight muscles with deep contact and will also provide the appropriate amount of friction for an effective massage. Our massage creams will provide optimal skin softening and moisturizing to help you achieve your therapeutic goals.

In addition to massage creams and gels, your massage therapy practice will also need reliable supplies of high quality disinfectants and cleaners and well as pain relief accessories like TENS machines and topical analgesics. As you can see below, we provide a wide selection of these products from which you can choose.

Massage Therapy Supplies - Recommended Product Categories

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