Mobility/Independent Living

Our Mobility/Independent Living section includes supplies that you can provide to your patients to enable them to continue living with dignity and independence well into their advanced years.

Mobility aids constitute one of the main categories in this section and span crutches, walking sticks, walkers, scooters and wheelchairs. Crutches, walking sticks and walkers will be useful to those patients who only require minor additional support and stability while walking. On the other hand, wheelchairs and scooters will be more attractive to patients with little or no mobility on their own.

Wheelchairs can be either manual or powered. The manual ones are less costly and may be preferable to those patients who have someone to push them from place to place. Power wheelchairs will be preferable for patients without this option.

Mobility/Independent Living aids also include supplies to help patients with other activities of daily living including eating, bathing and changing clothes.

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