Knee Power Sleeve

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Large, Medium, Small, X-Large

The LP Support Knee Power Sleeve will take your sports performance to new levels by improving muscle balance, minimizing energy waste and increasing kinetic energy.

The LP Support Knee Power Sleeve will support your major muscle groups and promote enhanced sports performance. It does this by improving muscle balance during exercise. In addition, it provides ideal compression levels for enhanced performance through its Power Band and Regulation Area features. These features also minimize energy waste and improve kinetic capacity. The Power Band also helps your muscle energy levels return more quickly to pre exercise levels. It also improves the kinetic capacity of knee flexion and extension, thus improving performance in sports that involve sprinting or kicking activity.  Meanwhile, the Regulation Area provides smooth support.

Composition of the Power Sleeve is 70% Nylon, 25% Lycra and 5% Polyester.

Knee Power Sleeve – Indications

  • Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness
  • Muscle Strain

Knee Power Sleeve – Wearing Instructions

  • Insert leg into sleeve with LP Support logo on top. Ensure that the donut shaped Power band is positioned around the knee cap while you gently pull the sleeve upwards.
  • Smooth out any wrinkles over the thigh.

Measure around circumference of knee at the patella with the leg fully extended:
13-14.25" (33 -36 cm) : Small
14.5-15.75" (37 -40 cm) : Medium
16.25-17.25" (41-44 cm) : Large
17.75 - 19" (45 - 48 cm) : X-Large

Washing - Hand wash in cold water with mild soap and then rinse thoroughly. Air dry at room temperature. Do not machine wash and dry. Should a rash or irritation occur, discontinue use and consult a physician.


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