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  • Coban Self Adherent Wrap - Latex free

    Coban Self Adherent Wrap

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    • Coban Self Adherent Wraps will be a versatile but potent addition to any first aid kit.
    • They can be used just like a traditional adhesive tape or bandage but will stick to itself rather than to the patient’ skin.
    • The wraps will help in first aid treatment of strains, sprains and other soft tissue injuries.
    • Also useful for treating cuts, scrapes, burns and other typical camping, hiking or other outdoor activity injuries by serving as fixation bandages that keep primary bandages firmly in place.
    • Easily applied over the injured spot and then removed, adjusted and re-applied as necessary (no loss of tension or pressure)
    • Also useful for in veterinary applications for treating furry animals. It will avoid the pain and distress normally produced by the  application /removal of a traditional adhesive bandage, when fur/skin can be damaged;
    • May be purchased in latex free form which helps to reduce the risk of adverse reactions among those with sensitive skin;
    • Coban Self Adherent Wraps are available in several different sizes, which makes them useful for treating both small and large body parts/joints.
    • Will retain elasticity and tension over extended periods during which they will remain 100% reusable for the same or different injuries.
    • Manufactured by the reputable 3M brand.
  • DynaPro Reusable Hot/Cold Pack
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    Cold & Hot Reusable Compress

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    The DynaPro Reusable Hot/Cold Pack is a versatile non-toxic compress that you can use for both hot and cold therapies and for treatment of both acute and chronic injuries.

  • ColPac® Cold Therapy

    ColPac Cold Therapy

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    ColPac® Cold Therapy packs come in seven different sizes of blue vinyl and four black sizes of black polyurethane and are filled with a non toxic silica gel that maintains it pliability during treatment.

  • Hartmann Deluxe Tensors
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    Deluxe Woven Elastic Wrap

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    Deluxe Woven Elastic Wraps feature a breathable cotton body that minimizes heat build-up without sacrificing support. Its heat resistant heavy gauge rubber improves durability. Double length & washable.

  • Mueller Sports Medicine Elastic Tensor Bandage
    In Stock

    Elastic Bandage

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    The Mueller Sports Medicine Elastic Bandage is a high quality cotton and elastic bandage. A highly versatile bandage that you can use to treat muscle/ligament strains and sprains as well as bone fractures.

  • Mueller Sports Medicine MuellerKold Instant Cold Pack

    MuellerKold Instant Cold Pack

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    The Mueller Sports Medicine MuellerKold Instant Cold Pack is ready for use whenever you need it. It needs no refrigeration and activates instantly.  This fast-acting cold compress is ideal for acute sports injuries or other situations requiring first aid.

  • Mueller Sports Medicine Reusable Cold/Hot Pack

    Reusable Cold/Hot Pack

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    The soft gel of the Mueller Sports Medicine Reusable Cold/Hot Pack refrigerates for cold therapy and microwaves for heat therapy. Recommended for treatment of both acute and chronic injuries as well as minor muscle aches and pains.

  • DynaPro Instant Cold Pack
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    Single Use Instant Cold Pack

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    The DynaPro Single Use Instant Cold Pack will help reduce pain, swelling and bleeding in the immediate aftermath of suffering an acute injury.

  • Calko Woven Elastic Wraps or Tensor Bandages
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    Woven Elastic Wraps

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    Calko Woven Elastic Wraps are versatile reinforced bandages with stretch and compression. Used mainly to treat muscle strains and sprains, these wraps can also be used to hold hot and cold packs or other bandages in place, to treat bone fractures and also to address lymphedema and other venous disorders.