Back Support Top with Silicone

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Large, Medium, Small, X-Large

The LP EmbioZ Back Support Top with Silicone features a Power System to enhance explosive and efficient use of upper torso muscles. It combines this with a moisture wicking Comfort System, General Compression and a Seamless  design to create a peerless alliance of comfort, performance improvement and injury protection.

The LP EmbioZ Back Support Top with Silicone features a Power System on the shoulders and center of the torso that optimizes the pattern of shoulder movement. It also offers three additional features that contibute to its outstanding performance – General Compression, the Comfort System and a SeamLess Design.

Power System

The Power System improves proprioception of the medial scapula and torso muscles and increases the flexibility of both the torso and the thorax. Additionally, you will experience improved co-ordination of fluency of movements of your upper limbs.

By acting in a manner akin to kinesiology tape, the Power System also maximizes your energy levels, including the strength and endurance of your shoulders and back muscles. As a result, you will experience improved explosive power in throwing, smashing, shooting and spiking.

General Compression

As a compressive top, the LP EmbioZ Back Support Compression Top provides all the general benefits of compression. This means that it improves blood flow through the upper body. It also speeds the removal of lymphatic fluids and metabolic waste from the area. Consequently, your upper body muscles will stay fresh for longer periods through training or competition.

Comfort System

The Comfort System wicks away perspiration and ventilates your body quickly to keep it dry, optimizing your comfort level throughout long training periods. It also helps to regulate body and avoid overheating despite intense physical activity.

Seamless Design

The LP EmbioZ Back Support Compression Top is designed with seamless compression. This improves overall comfort (no welts or marks on your skin despite the high degree of compression).

Tip – For best results, please position the 3D Weaved Channel under your chest.

For Which Sports Is The LP EmbioZ Back Support Top with Silicone Best Suited?

The top will optimize performance in many sports for which the proper and efficient usage of upper body muscles is critical, including:

  • Baseball (pitching)
  • Volleyball
  • Rifle Shooting
  • Track & Field (Javelin or Discus)
  • Archery
  • Gymnastics

SM - 33 1/2" - 37 1/2" / 85 - 95 cm

MD - 36 1/4" - 40 1/4" / 92 - 102 cm

LG - 39" - 43 1/4" / 99 - 110 cm

XL - 42 1/4" - 46" / 107 - 117 cm

Wash by hand with soap or by machine using a laundry bag filled with cold water.
The water temperature should not be greater than 105℉ /40℃.
Do not bleach, iron, dry clean tumble dry or use fabric softener.


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