First Aid

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First Aid is given to any person struck with a sudden illness or injury. The intention is to preserve life, prevent the condition from worsening or to promote recovery The proper application of first aid often requires relevant training. Consequently, you should ensure that the staff at your clinic possess the training they will need to use the supplies in this section.

When selecting supplies in this section, it is probably true to say that you should always select items that you will need to treat minor cuts, punctures, burns and other common injuries.

You may also want to consider acquiring some of the pre-assembled first aid kits that are available. You can make these available to your patients or customers as useful accessories for home use. They are also useful to individuals who frequently go off on camping, hunting or other outdoor expeditions. In these circumstances, minor accidents are likely to occur and emergency aid will be essential. Additionally, these individuals may not be close to comprehensive healthcare facilities should an emergency occur. In these situations, the availability of first aid supplies is all the more important.

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