Reseller List Illustration
With the Reseller Listing feature, retailers can list their Dunbar Medical products directly on our product pages.

We have added a reseller list feature to our site that we hope you will find useful in promoting your business.

For any product listed on this site, we can add a retailer list so that visitors will be able to find a local reseller for a product in which they are interested. So, if you are a wholesale or professional customer of Dunbar Medical, and are interested in leveraging our site to promote your business, please let us know and confirm the products for which you wish to have your business listed as a reseller.

We can then add your business to the panel on the right side of the product page. Visitors clicking on your name in the list will be directed to your website where they can obtain your contact information to make inquiries about the product. Please see the image to the right of this paragraph for an illustration.

Each listed retailer will be offered exclusivity for any SKU in a 15 km radius. In addition, if any other retailer wishes to list a SKU from the same brand within that radius, the first retailer (listing other SKUs from the same brand) will have the “right of first refusal” for the listing. .This means that the first retailer will first be offered the opportunity to list that SKU and the second retailer will be able to list it only if the first one declines.

You can contact us at if you would like your business to be listed in this way. We will need to know the products for which you would like to be listed and your website URL. Of course, if you need any information about this program, please call or email us and we will be happy to clarify any questions you may have.

Feature: Reseller List on Product Pages

Welcome to our website’s innovative feature that connects resellers with our products like never before. Our Reseller Listing feature is designed to enhance collaboration and empower resellers to showcase their offerings directly on our product pages, providing a seamless experience for customers and resellers alike.

Key Benefits:

  1. Increased Visibility: Resellers gain prime exposure by being featured on the product pages of the items they offer (e.g. BioSkin Trilok). This heightened visibility can significantly boost their brand recognition and reach.
  2. Streamlined Shopping: For customers, this feature simplifies the shopping process. They can explore multiple reseller options right on the product page, allowing for easy comparisons in terms of pricing.
  3. Enhanced Trust: Transparency is key. By displaying reseller information alongside product details, we foster trust among customers. They can see reseller pricing and contact details, ensuring a secure and informed purchasing decision.
  4. Effortless Integration: Our Reseller Listing feature seamlessly integrates with our website’s product pages, creating a cohesive and user-friendly experience. Resellers can upload their offerings effortlessly, and customers can access this information with just a few clicks.

How It Works

  1. Reseller Integration: Resellers can easily integrate their products with our platform by letting us know whenever they would like to be added to the reseller list for a particular product on our site.
  2. Product Page Display: When customers view a product on our website, they will notice a dedicated section showcasing resellers offering the same product. This section displays essential information such as product availability, pricing (optional) and a link to the reseller’s online storefront.
  3. Customer Choice: Customers can review the various reseller options and choose the one that aligns with their preferences, whether based on price, shipping, or seller reputation.

Become A Reseller:

Are you interested in becoming a reseller on our platform? We welcome partnerships with businesses that share our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Join our network of resellers to expand your reach and offer our products to a broader audience.


Our “Reseller Listing on Product Pages” feature is a win-win for both resellers and customers. It streamlines the purchasing process, enhances trust, and provides valuable exposure to resellers. Join us in revolutionizing the online shopping experience today, and discover the benefits of this feature for yourself.

Ready to explore the future of online retail? Contact us to learn more about our Reseller Listing feature and start maximizing your reach and profits today.