Compression Glove

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Compression gloves will provide your hands with the optimal compression and support to reduce pain and speed your return to full health. They will also provide support for weak, injured or aching wrists.

One of the most common reasons for wearing compression gloves is the relief they provide from the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. They do this by retaining the natural heat of the body as well as by providing support and compression. The compression is particularly effective in reducing the nightly tingling and numbness that is characteristic of carpal tunnel syndrome.

In addition to their benefits to those suffering from carpal tunnel, compression gloves provide compression, warmth and support to relieve the discomfort of stiff and/or swollen hands. They accelerate oxygen delivery to the hand muscles and speed the removal of metabolic waste, thus bringing quicker pain relief to those suffering from these symptoms. Patients suffering from arthritis of the hands can also experience similar benefits.

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