Payment Terms

Purchases made through may be paid for via debit or credit card, Paypal, electronic funds transfer, email transfer or third party billing. We will also grant credit terms to qualified purchasers.

We provide additional details below.

Debit or Credit Card

Any purchases can be paid for by Interac debit or a credit card at the time of shipping. We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express credit cards. You can leave credit card information on file with us (in encrypted form) to be used for payment for all orders in advance of shipping.


You can pay for your purchase by sending a Paypal payment to

Electronic Funds Transfer

Payment may be made by Electronic Funds Transfer (ETF). Please contact us for the banking information you will need to make these payments.

Email Transfer

We will also accept payment by email via Interac e-Transfer from participating Canadian banks. Payment should be sent to

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Third Party Billing

For retail pharmacies and home health care stores with accounts at Kohl & Frisch or McKesson, we have third party billing arrangements with these organizations that will allow us to bill via them. If these arrangements would be acceptable to you, please provide us with your account number with either organization along with your order.

Credit Terms

If you are approved for credit terms you may pay within 30 days of shipping by any of the methods listed above.

If you plan to order frequently and would like to have credit terms, you will be required to complete a credit application form for us to review. While the application is being reviewed, all orders will require payment in advance of shipping. If credit terms are approved, you will be advised of a credit limit within which you will be required to keep the total amount owed to us. Should any order potentially cause the limit to be exceeded, we will first require payment of existing invoices (oldest first) to bring the amount owed (including the current order) within the limit before the new order is processed.

Should you  have any questions about paying for your order, please contact us.

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