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  • McDavid HEX / Knee / Elbow / Shin Pads / Pair

    HEX / Knee / Elbow / Shin Pads / Pair

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    A highly versatile pair of pads that uses McDavid’s 9mm HEX technology and can be worn on the knees, elbows and shins to prevent turf burn or other similar injuries due to chafing.

  • McDavid Hex Leg Sleeve

    Hex Leg Sleeves / Pair

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    The Hex Leg Sleeves from McDavid will help protect your knees and shins from scrapes, abrasions and soft tissue injuries. The compression of the sleeves will also optimize blood flow through the legs, keeping them fresh throughout a long game or training session. The blood flow will also help to promote faster recovery from injury if and when this becomes necessary. Sold as a pair.

  • McDavid Hex Tuf Leg Sleeves

    Hex TUF Leg Sleeves / Pair

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    The McDavid Hex TUF Leg Sleeves feature high performance knee protection and padding, courtesy of their innovative TEFLEX ultra durable resistance coating. This high performance padding system can withstand multiple scuffs and skids on hard surfaces such as concrete or wood.

  • Mueller Knee Pad
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    Multi Sport Mueller Knee Pad

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    Mueller Knee Pads will protect active individuals from bruises, bumps or scrapes or burns causes by rubbing against the court or turf.