Clavic Brace For Posture Improvement

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Large, Medium, Small, X-Large, X-Small

The LP Clavic Brace will help you correct and maintain your posture by targeting and strengthening those neck and upper back muscles that help you keep pressure off your lower back and avoid pain in that area.

The LP Clavic Brace helps to strengthen your upper back and correct slumped shoulders and other postural problems.  It will  remind or constrain you to sit, stand and walk with your back straight and with your shoulders back.  The result will be less pressure on the lower back  and reduced lower back pain. Most of us slouch or hunch over during the day, usually without realizing it. The result of doing this over an extended period is lower pack pain. This upper back brace will increase your range of motion, helping you to maintain a straight back and avoid low back pain!

The figure 8 pattern of the brace will also immobilize your clavicle and promote healing of an injured or even broken collarbone. You can also use the brace to heal a broken clavicle. The clavicles are the two bones that function as struts between the shoulder blade and the breastbone. In the case of a clavicle fracture, the brace will spread your shoulders and stretch apart your collarbone to allow it to fall into place.

The hook and loop closure is provided to allow you  to apply and take off the brace without help.

Construction of the brace is 60% polyester, 25% rayon and 15% nylon. So if you have a history of neoprene allergies, this is an ideal choice to be worn all day in comfort.

LP Clavic Brace – Wearing Tips

  • For best results, we suggest you wear this upper back brace with your shoulders pressed back in an arch position (similar to a stretch).
  • Be prepared to adjust the brace throughout the day as incorrect positioning can cause your fracture to heal improperly.
  • Make sure your circulation is not impeded. The brace can press against the brachial artery or the nerves if you are not wearing it properly. This will cause you to feel numbness, cold fingers or even pain. If you experience any of these symptoms please adjust the positioning of the brace immediately.
  • You might consider sleeping on a rolled up towel positioned between your shoulder blades. This will help you maintain proper shoulder positioning in your sleep.

LP Clavic Brace – Indications

  • Poor shoulder posture
  • Injured clavicle


Measure around scapula under arm

X-Small: (21 1/8" - 25") / (53.7 cm - 63.5 cm)

Small: (25" - 30") / (63.5 cm - 76.2 cm)

Medium: (30" - 35") / (76.2 cm - 88.9 cm)

Large: (35" - 41" )/ (88.9 cm - 104.1 cm)

X-Large: (41" - 46") / (101.4 cm - 116.8 cm)


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