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  • CanDo® Ankle Stretching Aid

    Ankle Stretching Aid

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    The Ankle Stretching Aid will help athletes keep their foot and ankle soft tissues warm and supple and avoid the risk of serious injuries.

  • Back Stretcher

    Back Stretcher

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    The CanDo® Back Stretcher is designed to replicate the spine’s natural curvature, realign posture and alleviate muscle tension

  • CanDo® Incline Board

    Incline Board

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    The Incline Board is useful for stretching the upper and lower back as well as calf muscles in order to keep the tissues in these areas warm and supple.

  • CanDo® Stretch Strap

    Stretch Strap

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    The Stretch Strap stretches with you and allows you to access the benefits of isometric stretching as a part of your daily workouts.