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  • mueller 9 inch ice bag
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    9 Inch Ice Bag

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    9 inch  ice bag for treatment of minor bruises, headaches, sprains and strains.

    • Uses high tech TPU liner for optimal absorption of moisture;
    • Its 9 inch diameter allows even larger areas like the shoulders or hips to easily be treated.
    • Keeps the skin cool and dry while in use.
    • Reusable.
    • A great accessory to store conveniently in a gym or sports bag in case of accidents.
  • Ice Bag Dispenser (Empty)

    Disposable Ice Bag Dispenser

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    Disposable bag dispenser (empty) that allows you to dispense ice bags quickly and conveniently whenever needed. The ice bags in the photo are not included.

  • Disposable Ice Bags
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    Disposable Ice Bags

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    With 1500 disposable bags per roll, this product is convenient for quick cold therapy for minor sports injuries. Dispenser not included.

  • Cramer economy ice bag

    Economy Ice Bags (Set of 1500)

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    Cramer’s 1 mil quality ice bags are 1500 to a roll and measure 10″ x 18″ in size.

    • Designed to facilitate icing of wounds, bruises and other minor injuries;
    • Supplied in a roll, making dispensation a matter of just tearing off a single bag.
    • Fully disposable.
  • Mueller Sports Medicine EZ-Wrap
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    The Mueller Sports Medicine EZ-Wrap is ideal for holding hot or cold packs and pads securely in place.

  • Cramer Flexi Wrap
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    Flexi Wrap

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    Cramer Flexi Wrap is a transparent self adherent film for use in fixing bandages as  well as protecting wounds and application of cold therapy.

    • Allows quick application of cold therapy using instant cold packs
    • Also can be used for secondary fixation of wound dressings
    • Handle may be purchased separately & includes handbrake for more accurate dispensing
    • Wrap is available in sizes 4″ and 6″