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The LP Arm Sling supports your injured arm and allows its weight to be borne by the back and shoulder. With an adjustable hook and loop closure for proper height adjustment and a special netting material to prevent heat build up, this sling has the features you need to wear it all day long with maximum support and minimum discomfort.

The LP Arm Sling supports the arm and carries its weight across the back and shoulder. It has an adjustable hook and loop closure for proper height adjustment and its special netting material prevents heat build up.

The sling will help keep your arm in the proper position, minimise swelling and reduce the risk of re injury. It is designed to immobilise the arm and shoulder and there is a deep pocket for comfort and fit. It also has a slide buckle that helps assure the arm is held in the correct position and a thumb loop that helps to hold the hand in place.

You can use the sling together with an upper arm splint that temporarily immobilizes the lower arm (below the elbow) until you can see a doctor for more long term treatment.

Please consult with your healthcare advisor about the period of time you should wear the sling. Wearing it for too long can result in complications like a frozen shoulder or adhesive capsulitis.

The arm sling composition is 100% polyester.

How do I put on my LP Arm Sling?

  • Pull the sling gently over your elbow and arm.
  • Reach behind your neck and get a hold of the strap that connects to the sling behind your elbow.
  • Fasten it with the Velcro pads.

Can I sleep in my LP Arm Sling?

You should wear it for approximately the first six weeks of your injury or even longer, depending on the advice you receive from your healthcare advisor. However, you should follow correct procedure and sleep on your back with an extra pillow under your injured arm. Alternatively, some people may also find it preferable to sleep in a semi seated position.

LP Arm Sling – Indications

  • Brachial nerve injury
  • Rotator cuff injury
  • Post-surgical support
  • Shoulder subluxation/dislocation or fracture
  • Upper arm fracture


Measure the length of the forearm

Small - 9 1/4 - 10"

Medium - 10 - 12"

Large - 12 - 14"

X-Large - 14 - 16"

Washing Instructions

Soak the sling in a solution of mild detergent and water, and rinse well. Squeeze as much water out as possible with your hands and then roll the sling in a towel to remove any additional water.


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