Athletic Taping Accessory

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To effectively carry out taping, wrapping or padding treatments, a therapist will usually find it convenient to have a range of taping/wrapping accessories available if needed. These may include cutters, pre tape sprays and tape removing spray as well as possibly other items.

For most taping jobs, applying an adherent tape spray before taping will reduce tape migration and result in greater levels of support and/or stabilization for the patient.

Once the tape has done its job, the priority during removal should be to avoid injury to the patient. The therapist will usually find it helpful to apply a tape removal solvent (in liquid or spray form) before attempting to remove the tape. These solvents dissolve the adhesive and reduce the likelihood of damage to skin or hair during tape removal.

Patients who are removing the tape themselves will often find the use of taping scissors or other cutting tools convenient aids that simplify the task.

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