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For our Pharmacy and Home Health Care customers, we offer a large selection of braces and supports, kinesiology tape and diabetic wound care shoes.

For stores that are just starting to offer bracing to their customers, we offer competitively priced lines of supports from LP Support, Mueller Sports Medicine and McDavid. We can also advise on planograms if necessary. For the McDavid planograms, Dunbar Medical can include floor stands at no additional cost. This will be especially valuable to those establishments with limited wall space or those in built up urban areas where space is at a premium.

Our BioSkin line of bracing represents a premium quality offering of completely hypoallergenic and 100% latex and neoprene free braces that are designed for comfort while providing medical grade compression.

In addition to our bracing, we offer the complete line of DARCO post operative footwear designed to redistribute pressure to a different part of the foot in order to allow surgical, diabetic or other wounds to heal. The DARCO line includes both shoes and insoles so your customers can customize their choices to suit their individual needs.

Other popular product lines in this section are:

  • the DryPro line of vacuum seals that will protect casts or bodily openings against moisture and bacteria, allowing the patient to shower, bathe or swim freely;
  • The OPPO line of foot care products designed to treat common foot problems like bunions, corns, etc.
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