Wound Care

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Wound care is a complex and extended process in which the skin and the underlying tissues repair themselves after the patient has experienced an injury.

For wound care to be successful, the skin and underlying tissues must have the opportunity to continue the healing process without interference from foreign matter. Without this opportunity, contamination of the wound can result. By preventing foreign matter from entering the wound, the pads, sponges, bandages and other wound covers in this section will allow the healing process to continue without interference.

Additionally, where diabetic wounds, ulcers etc. are concerned, the wound care process faces further complications. Because these wounds frequently occur on the soles of the feet, the simple act of walking places pressure on the wound and can inhibit the healing process. Consequently, footwear that shifts weight pressure from the injured part of the foot to an uninjured area can play a valuable role in the recovery process.

Suggested Wound Care Products

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