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  • Cramer 1050i Athletic Tape
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    Cramer 1050i Athletic Tape

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    Cramer 1050i athletic tape is a high quality porous and latex free tape that comes in useful for treating or preventing soft tissue injuries as well as cuts, scrapes and other similar skin damage.

  • Cramer 750 Athletic Tape
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    Cramer 750 Athletic Tape

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    Cramer  750 Athletic Tape combines a latex free adhesive, a computer calibrated unwind and high tensile strength to offer unrivalled performance in supporting and stabilizing injured joints and muscles.

  • Cramer 950 Porous Athletic Tape
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    Cramer 950 Porous Athletic Tape

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    Cramer 950 Porous Athletic Tape is both porous and latex free adhesive tape and is designed to provide high end performance at an attainable price

  • Endura Sports Tape

    Endura Sports Tape

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    Designed by Jenny McConnell, Endura sports tape is a rigid rayon backed strapping tape optimized for patellofemoral strapping and taping.

  • BSN LeukoTape P
    In Stock

    LeukoTape P

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    BSN Leukotape P is a rayon backed rehabilitation tape with high tensile strength and a powerful adhesive. It is frequently used for taping the patella-femoral and shoulder areas and can remain in position for up to 18 hours at a time.

  • McDavid Athletic Tape

    McDavid Athletic Tape

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    McDavid Athletic Tape is professional quality, easy-tear 1.5” lightweight zinc oxide tape presented in a variety of attractive retail packaging styles.

  • Mueller Sports Medicine MTape - White
    In Stock


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    Mueller MTape is a zinc oxide based athletic trainer’s tape designed for supporting weak, unstable or injured joints  and featuring 100% cotton backcloth, high tensile strength and excellent tackiness. It is available in either bulk or retail packaging and can be purchased in white or several other attractive colours.

  • Mueller Sports Medicine PFTape® System

    PF Tape System For Control Of Plantar Fasciitis

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    The One Size Fits All Mueller Sports Medicine PFTape® System uses patented technology to bring releif from the symptoms of plantar fasciitis even while you continue to pursue an active lifestyle.

  • Porous Zinc oxide tape - rolls & box
    In Stock

    Porous Zinc Oxide Tape

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    DynaPro Porous Zinc Oxide Tape will offer security under the most demanding conditions while being comfortable to wear and presenting less irritation to sensitive skin.

    • High quality cotton backcloth coated with a strong zinc oxide based adhesive
    • Constant unwind tension
    • Useful for treating sprains, strains and other sports related soft tissue injuries;
    • Strong enough to support and provide stability to smaller limbs and joints such as ankles, wrists and fingers
    • Can be used in combination with a cohesive tape like DynaPro SelfWrap to support larger body parts such as knees and shoulders
    • Porous construction that helps breathability and keeps the patient dry and comfortable underneath the tape job
  • Andover PowerSpeed tape
    In Stock


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    Andover PowerSpeed is an athletic tape designed specifically for speed taping.

  • Jaybird Pro-White Athletic tape

    Pro-White Athletic Tape

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    Jaybird Pro-White Athletic Tape is designed to secure weak/unstable limbs during athletic activity.

    • Non elastic;
    • Rubber based for easy tearability;
    • Bleached;
    • Conformable;
    • High quality hypoallergenic zinc oxide based adhesive;
    • High tensile strength.
    • Sold by the case of 32 rolls, each with dimensions 1.5″ x 15 yds.
  • Renfrew Tape
    In Stock

    Professional Trainers Tape

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    Renfrew Tape (#188 Professional Trainers Tape) is Canadian made from premium bleached cotton back cloth coated with a zinc oxide-impregnated rubber adhesive.

    • Useful for treating sprains, strains and other sports injuries involving joints and soft tissues
    • Can also be applied to weak or vulnerable joints for additional support during athletically demanding activities
    • Effectively supports smaller joints such as fingers, wrists or even ankles.
    • 100% Canadian made
    • Fully tearable
    • Premium quality zinc oxide adhesive
    • Can be effectively used in combination with a self adhesive tape like Andover Powerflex

    Please see below for additional information about Renfrew Tape (#188 Professional Trainers Tape).

  • DynaPro Rigid Athletic Tape
    In Stock

    Rigid Athletic Tape

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    Use our latex free and hypoallergenic DynaPro Rigid Athletic Tape to secure your ankles, knees and other joints against the risk of injury during training or competition.

    • Rigid (highly non elastic) strapping tape with a rayon backing;
    • Suitable for stabilizing large muscles and joints such as the shoulder and knee;
    • Equipped with a powerful adhesive that will stabilize weak, unstable or injured joints during intense physical activity;
    • Uses a hypoallergenic adhesive that will help prevent adverse skin reactions even among those with sensitive skin;
    • Can be paired with DynaPro Adhesive Non Woven Fabric for a robust combination taping system that will stabilize vulnerable joints while giving even further protection from allergic reactions.