Suggested Hand Extension Products

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  • CanDo Hand Exercise Web

    Cando Hand Exercise Web


    Cando Hand Exercise Web is a versatile hand exerciser  that is available in both 7 and 14 inch diameter sizes and in both low powder and latex free formulations.

  • CanDo® digi extend Hand Exerciser

    Digi Extend Hand Exerciser


    Digi Extend is an innovative hand and finger extension exercise product with four colour coded resistance levels and the ability to target each finger and joint for independent rehabilitation work.

  • CanDo® Digi Extend n Squeeze Hand Exerciser

    Digi Extend n Squeeze Hand Exerciser


    The Digi Extend n Squeeze Hand Exerciser from CanDo pairs the best features of both Digi-Extend® and Digi-Squeeze® and has the ability to isolate the  strength, flexibility and coordination of each finger for independent rehab work. Includes a pamphlet with a comprehensive finger flexion and extension exercise program.

  • Cando Finger Weights

    FingerWeights Finger Weight Exerciser – 10 adjustable weight set


    Adjustable finger weights that fit around each finger and can each hold up to 3 10 gram weights.

  • CanDo® Handweb™



    Handweb is a great rehab tool for tennis and golfers elbow and can be purchased with 5 progressive colour coded resistance levels.