Suggested Shoulder Range Of Motion Products

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  • CanDo® Overdoor Shoulder Pulley

    Overdoor Shoulder Pulley

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    Used to increase range of motion in the shoulder, the CanDo® Overdoor Shoulder Pulley comes equipped with two pullies and an over the door bracket.  Extra long rope allows user to either stand or be seated when exercising.  Padded handles allow for addition grip comfort.  Can be fitted to most doors.

  • CanDo® Shoulder Finger Ladder

    Shoulder Finger Ladder

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    Wall mounted wood unit features 36 steps at 1 1/4″ intervals for shoulder, elbow, wrist, and finger: 2″W x 54″L.

  • DynaPro Shoulder Pulley
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    Shoulder Pulley

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    Use the DynaPro Shoulder Pulley for exercises that will improve your shoulder range of motion as you recover from shoulder bursitis, frozen shoulder or a rotator cuff injury.

  • CanDo® Shoulder Pulley with Exercise Tubing and Handles

    Shoulder Pulley with Exercise Tubing and Handles

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    This Cando set includes tubing, handles, swivel-pulley, and a door anchor. Available in different resistance levels from extra light to extra heavy.  Helps to increase Range of Motion of the shoulder.

  • CanDo® Shoulder Wheel

    Shoulder Wheel

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    The Shoulder Wheel is  a device which  allows patients to perform resistance exercises to improve range of motion and relieve pain.  The level of resistance can be adjusted by turning the knob on the wheel.  Can be used in a standing or seated position.