Examination Table Paper

Examination table paper supplies are an important way for you to reduce the spread of communicable illnesses among patients visiting your medical facility. The paper should act as a barrier to prevent the spread of infection.

Some of the features that you should probably look for in choosing your table paper are:

  • The paper should be made from a high quality pulp. This will ensure its strength and reduce the risk of tears appearing as the patient changes position on the table.
  • The design of the paper should be such as to increase its strength, absorbency, softness (for patient comfort) and quietness.
  • The design of the paper should be such as to resist water or fluids soaking through. This will ensure added protection for patients.

Crepe paper is a popular choice for examination table paper. It has a glue like coat that increases its softness and absorbency. Poly backed paper is another popular choice. It resists soak through for maximum protection and is also useful for protecting other surfaces when infection control is a priority.

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