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    • Cando Ball Chair

      Ball Chair

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      The CanDo® Metal Ball Chair is an ergonomically designed dynamic seating solution featuring an inflatable exercise ball and a sturdy chair base.

    • Spirit CR800 Recumbent Bike

      CR800 Recumbent Bike

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      The Spirit CR800 Recumbent Bike is designed for easy mounting and dismounting and will allow users to find a comfortable pedalling position for their workout in little to no time. An intuitively designed console and integrated fan round off this exceptionally user friendly design.

    • Cando Inflatable reciprocal Stepper Cushion

      Inflatable Reciprocal Stepper Cushion

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      The CanDo® Inflatable Reciprocal Stepper Cushion has foot-shaped inflatable pods for vestibular challenge. Adjust vestibular difficulty by inflating or deflating pods.

    • CanDo® Rickshaw Rehab Exerciser

      Rickshaw Rehab Exerciser

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      The Rickshaw Rehab Exerciser is a versatile exercise tool designed for individuals who need to use a wheelchair and require increased arm strength for this purpose. Can be used with any standard width wheelchair either at home or under therapist supervision. Latex and silicone free.