Ankle Support-704

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The LP Ankle Support-704 is designed to support and compress weak  or unstable ankle joints and will also reduce swelling and stiffness after injury. Its open toe and heel design increases your wearing comfort and simplifies application and removal.

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The LP Ankle Support-704 supports and compresses weak or unstable ankle joints. It will also reduce ankle stiffness and swelling after you experience an injury.

The brace has an open toe and heel design that increases wearing comfort. This design also simplifies application (putting it on) and removal.

The low profile design of the LP Ankle Support-704 allows it to fit comfortably in either athletic or street shoes.

Composition is 75% closed cell neoprene foam, 25% stretch nylon. This ankle support is constructed using high grade closed cell neoprene.  It has a stretch nylon cover for added comfort. The choice of neoprene allows for optimal compression and heat retention. As a result, this support will use your body heat to warm your ankle and improve your blood circulation. The result? Less swelling and inflammation and a faster recovery from injury.

For Whom Is The LP Ankle Support – 704 Best Suited?

This brace provides the support needed by someone who has weak or unstable ankles (possibly due to a previous ankle injury) and needs protection from possibly re-injury. You can then use this support for low intensity everyday tasks that do not place excessive demands on your ankle. For example – around the house, performing non athletic household chores, going for a walk or regular non physical occupational duties. As mentioned above, the low profile design allows you to wear this brace with a wide variety of footwear.

If you intend to participate in intense physical activity that involves, running or jumping, for example, we would suggest a brace that offers stronger support. For example, the LP Ankle Brace With Straps might be a better choice in these circumstances.

This brace may not be a suitable choice if you have a history of neoprene allergies. In that case, you should probably consider a non neoprene based alternative, like the LP Extreme Ankle Support.

LP Ankle Support-704 – Indications

  • Mild ankle sprain 
  • Ankle instability

Measure circumference just above ankle bone

Small - 15.2 - 20.3 cm / 6 - 8"

Medium - 20.3 - 25.4 cm / 8 - 10"

Large - 25.4 - 30.5 cm / 10 - 12"

X-Large - 30.5 - 36.8 cm / 12 - 14 1/2"


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