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    • Chattanooga Bifurcated Dispersive Lead

      Bifurcated Dispersive Lead

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      The Chattanooga bifurcated dispersive lead is for use with Intelect IFC units

    • Chattanooga Electrotherapy Leadwire

      Electrotherapy Leadwire

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      The Chattanooga Lead wire is compatible with both the Intelect Legend XT and Transport units.

    • High Volt Probe & Sponge Applicator Tips

      High Volt Probe & Sponge Covered Applicators

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      A lightweight high volt probe plus 2 sponge covered applicator tips  (15 mm and 8 mm sizes)

    • Intelect Legend XT Remote Control

      Intelect Legend XT Remote Control

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      • Remote control operator for the Intelect Legend XT unit.
      • Allows the physician to operate the unit from anywhere in the room.
      • Designed to fit comfortably into the palm of the operator’s hand and to be operable with the fingers of the same hand (see gallery image).
      • Compatible with all Intelect Legend XT models
    • Chattanooga Patient Data Cards

      Patient Data Cards (25/Pack)

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      Record your patients’ modaility and pain profile information with Chattanooga patient data cards. 25 cards per pack.

    • Patient Interrupt Switch (Legend XT & Transport)

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      The Chattanooga Patient Interrupt Switch allows the patient to unilaterally stop the treatment for any reason.

    • Chattanooga Ultrasound Applicator

      Ultrasound Applicators (Legend XT & Transport)

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      Chattanooga Ultrasound Applicator for Intelect units (both Legend XT and Transport). All sound head applicators are interchangeable, with Electronic Signature Recognition residing on all transducers.

      In addition, the head warming feature is present on all applicator sizes.