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  • Coban Self Adherent Wrap - Latex free

    Coban Self Adherent Wrap

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    • Coban Self Adherent Wraps will be a versatile but potent addition to any first aid kit.
    • They can be used just like a traditional adhesive tape or bandage but will stick to itself rather than to the patient’ skin.
    • The wraps will help in first aid treatment of strains, sprains and other soft tissue injuries.
    • Also useful for treating cuts, scrapes, burns and other typical camping, hiking or other outdoor activity injuries by serving as fixation bandages that keep primary bandages firmly in place.
    • Easily applied over the injured spot and then removed, adjusted and re-applied as necessary (no loss of tension or pressure)
    • Also useful for in veterinary applications for treating furry animals. It will avoid the pain and distress normally produced by the  application /removal of a traditional adhesive bandage, when fur/skin can be damaged;
    • May be purchased in latex free form which helps to reduce the risk of adverse reactions among those with sensitive skin;
    • Coban Self Adherent Wraps are available in several different sizes, which makes them useful for treating both small and large body parts/joints.
    • Will retain elasticity and tension over extended periods during which they will remain 100% reusable for the same or different injuries.
    • Manufactured by the reputable 3M brand.
  • Mueller Sports Medicine Cohesive Spatting Tape
    In Stock

    Cohesive Spatting Tape

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    Mueller Sports Medicine Cohesive Spatting Tape is used by football players worldwide for wrapping wrists or for “spatting” their football shoes to add stability to the ankle. Available in a range of colours and in both bulk and retail packaging.

  • Cramer EcoFlex Stretch Tape - Black

    EcoFlex Stretch Tape

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    Cramer EcoFlex Stretch tape is a light tearable cohesive tape designed to provide moderate support to weak/unstable joints while the athlete is in action.

    • Uses latex free materials to avoid the risk of adverse skin reactions;
    • 6 yd long rolls;
    • Sweat and water resistant for added longevity;
    • Non woven backcloth.
    • Can serve as a wound dressing, underwrap, compression wrap and much more.
  • Andover PowerFlex
    In Stock


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    Andover PowerFlex – the ultimate performance bandage – is a patented cohesive flexible bandage that eliminates the need for the pre-wrap and adhesive spray normally required for use with traditional athletic taping systems.

    • Sticks only to itself and not to the patient’s skin
    • Combines with Andover PowerTape or VictoryTape to form an ultra strong combination taping system
    • Many therapists will also use Andover PowerFlex in combination with a regular zinc oxide tape like Renfrew 188 or DynaPro Porous Zinc Oxide Tape for an effective and popular combination
    • Available in widths between 1″ and 4″ and in a very wide choice of colours matching most team uniforms
    • Useful for supporting weak, stable or injured joints (strains, sprains, etc.)
    • Can also be used for treating wounds and holding wound care bandages in place (but see Powerflex AFD)
    • Also has veterinary applications as it will not damage animal skin or fur as would a traditional adhesive tape/bandage
    • Made in the USA
  • PowerFlex AFD2
    In Stock

    PowerFlex AFD

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    PowerFlex AFD is a hybrid bandage consisting of Powerflex and an absorbent foam dressing (AFD) with a waterproof film as a barrier between them. The resulting combination can be used to treat wounds, lacerations and turf burns. The film prevents migration of perspiration, moisture and other contaminants through to the wound and thus reduces the risk of infection.

    • Rolls are individually packaged.
    • Single use product only.
    • Available in colours black and white.
  • Andover PowerTape
    In Stock


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    Andover PowerTape is used in combination with PowerFlex® for the Ultimate Taping System.

  • DynaPro SelfWrap
    In Stock

    SelfWrap Self Adhesive (Cohesive) Bandages

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    Choose DynaPro SelfWrap for a latex free and hypoallergenic solution to your need for a cohesive bandage that will stick only to itself and provide the support and compression you need for treatment of your soft tissue injuries.

    • Useful for treating sprains, strains and soft tissue injuries
    • Also useful for holding wound care bandages in place (acting as a fixation bandage)
    • Useful for veterinary work – will not damage animal skin or fur as would a traditional adhesive bandage
    • Reusable over extended periods with no loss of tension or pressure
    • Easy to remove and reapply as required
    • Latex free – no risk of adverse skin reactions, even for those with latex allergies
    • Hypoallergenic
    • Individually wrapped in airtight plastic seal – will retain pristine condition until you are ready to use

    Please see below for details.

  • Mueller Sports Medicine TapeWrap® Premium
    In Stock

    TapeWrap Premium

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    Mueller Sports Medicine TapeWrap is a breathable and cohesive bandage that offers an alternative to DynaPro SelfWrap or Andover PowerFlex.

  • Andover VictoryTape
    In Stock

    Victory Tape

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    Andover VictoryTape is the automatic choice for those looking to get close to the performance of PowerTape at an economical price. Can be paired with Powerflex and is both sweat and water resistant.