Suggested Cohesive Athletic Tape Products

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  • Mueller Sports Medicine Cohesive Spatting Tape

    Cohesive Spatting Tape


    Mueller Sports Medicine Cohesive Spatting Tape is used by football players worldwide for wrapping wrists or for “spatting” their football shoes to add stability to the ankle.

  • Andover PowerFlex



    Andover PowerFlex – the ultimate performance bandage – is a patented cohesive flexible bandage that eliminates the need for the pre-wrap and adhesive spray normally required for use with traditional athletic taping systems. All prices are per roll.

  • Andover PowerTape



    Andover PowerTape is used in combination with PowerFlex® for the Ultimate Taping System.

  • DynaPro SelfWrap

    SelfWrap Self Adhesive (Cohesive) Bandages


    Choose DynaPro SelfWrap for a latex free and hypoallergenic solution to your need for a cohesive bandage that will stick only to itself and provide the support and compression you need for treatment of your soft tissue injuries.

  • Mueller Sports Medicine TapeWrap® Premium

    TapeWrap Premium


    Mueller Sports Medicine TapeWrap is a breathable and cohesive bandage that offers an alternative to DynaPro SelfWrap or Andover PowerFlex.

  • Andover VictoryTape

    Victory Tape


    Andover VictoryTape is the automatic choice for those looking to get close to the performance of PowerTape at an economical price. Can be paired with Powerflex and is both sweat and water resistant.