Suggested Tensor Bandage Products

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  • Hartmann Deluxe Tensors
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    Deluxe Woven Elastic Wrap


    Deluxe Woven Elastic Wraps feature a breathable cotton body that minimizes heat build-up without sacrificing support. Its heat resistant heavy gauge rubber improves durability. Double length & washable.

  • Mueller Elastic Bandage - Single

    Elastic Bandage


    Mueller Elastic bandages are latex free, washable, anti microbial and reusable and are an excellent solution for applying compression or support to soft tissue injuries or holding cold packs or wound dressings in position.  They are a secure Velcro closure, making removal and reapplication a simple matter.

  • Mueller Sports Medicine Elastic Tensor Bandage
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    Elastic Bandage


    The Mueller Sports Medicine Elastic Bandage is a high quality cotton and elastic bandage. A highly versatile bandage that you can use to treat muscle/ligament strains and sprains as well as bone fractures.

  • Calko Woven Elastic Wraps or Tensor Bandages
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    Woven Elastic Wraps


    Calko Woven Elastic Wraps are versatile reinforced bandages with stretch and compression. Used mainly to treat muscle strains and sprains, these wraps can also be used to hold hot and cold packs or other bandages in place, to treat bone fractures and also to address lymphedema and other venous disorders.