Compression Sleeve

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Compression sleeves provide your arms, calves, thighs, knees and elbows with the compression and support you need to optimize athletic performance. They will stabilize and support the muscles to improve co-ordination and increase force and endurance.

Well designed compression sleeves will also wick away sweat. By doing so, they will provide the ventilation the body needs to maintain appropriate temperature for optimal comfort.

Another benefit of high performance compression sleeves is an increase in proprioception i.e. the ability to instinctively sense the relative positions of adjacent parts of the body and to detect when these positions pose the risk of injury.

Proprioception reduces the risk of injury for an athlete who is making sudden and explosive movements, possibly in response to similar movements of an opponent. The brain will use proprioceptive information to protect parts of the body that may be at risk e.g. by preventing relative positions of body parts that pose the risk of injury.

A fourth benefit offered by compression sleeves is accelerated muscle recovery from the last bout of strenuous activity.They do this by helping the blood to circulate more quickly. This in turn means that the sore and tired muscles receive more frequent infusions of freshly oxygenated and nutrient rich blood. As a result, these muscles can recover more quickly and be ready for the next workout or training session.

When Should Compression Sleeves be Worn?

Probably the three most important situations in which compression sleeves should be considered are:

  • During physical activity that makes extreme demands on your leg or other muscles. During the activity, they will provide limb support that reduces the injury risk. They will also improve the athlete’s proprioception, and that will also serve to reduce the risk of injury;
  • After a game or workout when the muscles are sore and tired. At this time, the greatest need is for fresh oxygen and nutrients to reach those muscles as quickly as possible.Compression sleeves will help your body achieve this. For example, a baseball pitcher who ends the game with a sore arm or shoulder can recover more quickly for the next game by wearing a compression arm sleeve.
  • In any situation in which the individual is forced to sit for long periods. Examples might include a long car or plane journey.In these situations, individuals with circulatory problems may find their blood pooling around the feet. Wearing calf or thigh compression sleeves will help to force this blood back up to the heart. This will allow it to be replaced by fresh blood from the heart.

Is It Also OK To Wear Compression Sleeves Throughout The Day?

The answer to this question is yes – definitely.Especially if your job is a physically demanding one, you stand to benefit from wearing compression sleeves while working. Some examples:

  • Waitresses or school teachers are on their feet all day due to the demands of their jobs. However, they will find that their legs are noticeably less sore and tired at the end of a long day if they have been wearing leg compression sleeves.
  • Some workers have jobs that require them to frequently stoop and bend their knees. Examples are plumbers and workers in construction or renovation. These individuals will similarly benefit from wearing knee compression sleeves while working. They will find their knees fresher and less sore at the end of each day.
  • Some other workers have jobs that require them to use their arms and elbows extensively throughout the day. One example might be a carpenter. These individuals will find similar benefits from using elbow or arm compression sleeves.

Can I Wear A Compression Sleeve To Bed?

If you can sleep while wearing your compression sleeve, this is certainly something to consider. The muscle restoration and circulation benefits mentioned above are just as effective at night as during the daytime.

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