Dunbarmedical.com does not display prices for public viewing. We believe that our commitment to our customers requires us to protect their pricing confidentiality. Password protected professional pricing is a key component of this. No one is permitted to become a member of this website unless we have established that they are a healthcare professional or that they own a business that provides healthcare services or uses healthcare products. We realize that this has become an increasingly rare practice in our industry. As a result, we have decided to create this page specifically to explain the rationale for this decision.

Our Rationale For Password Protected Pricing

Healthcare Professionals
We believe that password protected professional pricing is an essential component of our support for our customers.

Without password protected professional pricing, healthcare professionals purchasing on our website would lose the ability to maintain confidentiality of the prices they are paying for the supplies they need to run their businesses. This in turn would compromise their ability to freely set the price of their services to their customers. We therefore believe that pricing confidentiality is a key aspect of our support for these professionals.

If your current supplier discloses prices openly on their website, you should consider what this means for the support they are showing for you as a professional customer.

Even if they disclose consumer prices on their site while restricting professional prices to those with password access, those consumer prices allow visitors to their site to make a reasonably educated guess as to the professional prices they are claiming to protect. We suggest that you challenge them to explain and justify this practice to you. If they cannot do so, you should consider whether they deserve to continue receiving your business.

Our commitment to you in the form of password protected professional pricing will always be a fundamental part of our business practice and a core part of our philosophy. You can rest assured that this information will never be made available to your customers or competitors.

In Conclusion

On dunbarmedtest2.com pricing confidentiality applies to supplies you use on an everyday basis to maintain your business premises, such as disinfectants and cleaners, as well as to supplies you use to protect your employees and customers, such as masks and respirators. Whatever the product category, we believe that password protected professional prices are essential to our goal to protect and respect our professional customers.

If you have any questions about our professional prices, please note that you can call 1-800-265-7126 or email sales@dunbarmedtest2.com.