Compression Shorts

Compression shorts will provide stability and support to those who have experienced injuries like groin strains as a result of damage to one of the hip abductor muscles. The compression and support of the shorts restricts movement of these muscles and helps to speed recovery from the injury.

In addition to helping those who have already experienced injuries, compression shorts can help to proactively prevent injuries to healthy individuals by restricting excessive vibration of upper leg muscles, tendons and ligaments. This reduces the risk of damage (i.e. sprains or strains) to these structures, especially during intense physical activity.

In addition to the therapeutic benefits described above, compression shorts provide your hips and thighs with the compression and support you need to optimize your athletic performance. They stabilize and support these parts of the body to improve co-ordination and increase muscle force and endurance.

Compression shorts made of breathable materials will also wick away sweat and provide the ventilation your body needs to maintain appropriate temperature for optimal comfort.

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