Heating Unit

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Heating Units offer a convenient way for a clinic or other healthcare facility to keep a large supply of hot packs available and ready to use at short notice. A key advantage of the better units is their use of a thermostat to precisely manage the temperature of their hot packs, thus ensuring that they will not only be always ready for use, but will also be at the ideal temperature. They usually come with insulation that further ensures a constant and predictable temperature of the hot packs stored in them.

You can install Heating Units at your clinic without needing to worry about the expense of any additional plumbing to fill or remove water from them. In addition, some of the units are mobile by design and your staff can easily wheel them from place to place within the clinic without using special equipment.

In choosing a unit, you should carefully consider how much you expect your clinic to grow over its expected lifetime. Each unit has a different capacity and you will need to ensure that your choice will be capable of meeting your needs without the need for premature replacement.

Suggested Heating Unit Products

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  • Hydrocollator® Mobile Heating Unit
    Sold By Dunbar Medical
  • Hydrocollator® Stationary Heating Unit - E1
    Sold By Dunbar Medical
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