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Product Attributes

Large, Medium, Small, X-Large

Provides support and compression to weak and strained muscles.  The spandex material allows the sleeve to be stretched both in width and length resulting in a comfortable and customized fit, as well as a high level of compression.

The LP Elbow Support brace will reduce swelling in your elbow and surrounding areas, and relieve pain experienced as a result of bursitis. The brace also supports and compresses weak and/or strained muscles in the area.

This support utlizes LP’s renowned four-way stretch technology. As such, it can be stretched in 2 dimensions – both length and width wise.. The result is a customized fit and superb comfort to go with the compression offered by the spandex material.

For added versatlity and stability, you can chooose to use the sleeve with an added strap.  As mentioned in our post on the various designs of tennis elbow brace, the strap can be tightened around the forearm to provide compression here as well as the elbow itself. Positioned in this way, the strap can absorb some of the vibration traveling along the arm and reduce the amount reaching the elbow. The result? Less pain and swelling in the region of the elbow.

Since the sleeve covers the lower bicep and upper forearm in addition to the elbow, it will be a great choice if you are suffering from pain or injury in more than just your elbow. In general, this brace is ideal for those suffering from tennis elbow, possibly  together with other injuries in the adjacent areas of the arm or bicep.

Construction of this elbow sleeve is 70% nylon, 30% spandex. The choice of tensile and highly elastic materials like spandex makes for a higher level of compression and increased overall effectiveness. The decision to eschew the use of neoprene makes the brace an ideal choice if you suffer from this allergy. You will be free to wear the brace for prolonged periods with no concerns about the consequences.

LP Elbow Support – Indications

  • Tennis elbow
  • Gold elbow
  • Elbow bursitis
  • Upper forearm strained or weak muscles

Measure around the elbow joint

Small - 9 - 10 1/2" / 22.9 - 26.7cm

Medium - 10 1/2 - 12 1/2" / 26.7 - 31.8cm

Large - 12 1/2 - 14 3/4" / 31.8 - 37.5cm

X-Large - 14 3/4 - 17" / 37.5 - 43.2cm


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