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  • BSN Cover-Roll® Stretch
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    Cover-Roll Stretch

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    BSN Cover-Roll® Stretch provides the ultimate conformability to highly contoured areas of the body such as elbows or knees. Manufactured from a soft stretchable non woven polyester material, it will secure primary dressings to those areas without constricting or congesting blood or lymphatic fluid passage and will not interfere with the natural healing processes of the body.

  • Delta Net Tubular Stockinette

    Delta Net Tubular Stockinette

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    Available in a range of sizes, the Delta Net Tubular Stockinettes cater to diverse patient needs and application requirements. The convenient roll packaging allows for easy dispensing and minimizes wastage, making them a practical and cost-effective choice for healthcare facilities.

  • BSN HypaFix
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    HypaFix Wound Dressing

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    BSN HypaFix offers both small and wide area fixation of primary dressings on surgical or wound sites with superb protection from infection, contamination and foreign matter. It is also a great choice for fixation of instruments, probes, catheters or similar instruments and conforms well to highly contoured areas such as the knee or elbow.

  • Leukotape K
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    Leukotape K

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    Leukotape K is a thin and comfort oriented kinesiology tape that can be used to treat a wide variety of soft tissue and repetitive stress injuries.

  • BSN LeukoTape P

    LeukoTape P

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    BSN Leukotape P is a rayon backed rehabilitation tape with high tensile strength and a powerful adhesive. It is frequently used for taping the patella-femoral and shoulder areas and can remain in position for up to 18 hours at a time.

  • Lightplast Pro elastic athletic tape

    LightPlast Pro

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    LightPlast pro is an elastic and tearable athletic tape that offers consistent unwind tension and excellent conformability.

    • Cotton/Lycra blend makes for a comfortable wearing exsperience;
    • Ideal for supporting weak/unstable joints during athletic activity
    • Highly elastic – can stretch by up to 75% of its original length;
    • Available in 2 sizes – 2″ x 5 yds and 3″ x 5 yds. Both sold by the case.
  • TENA Classic Plus Incontinence Briefs

    TENA Classic Plus Incontinence Brief

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    TENA Classic Plus Incontinence Briefs are designed for comfort and dignity and feature InstaDri technology, curved elastics, moisture proof lining, hook fasteners and a soft, non woven backsheet to keep patients comfortable and dry. Available in sizes, Medium, Large and X-Large.

  • TENA Cleansing Cream

    TENA Cleansing Cream

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    TENA Cleansing Cream offers a skin friendly alternative to soap and water for hygiene and incontinence care and also provides moisture and nourishment to delicate skin.

  • TENA Comfort Pad

    TENA Comfort Pads

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    TENA Comfort pads are designed to provide super close conformity to the body’s contours while keeping moisture away from the skin with the InstaDri Skin caring system. They are unisex and come in both night and day usage versions, each with a customized level of absorbency. With other key features such as standing leg gathers and an indicator line, this is the ideal comfort pad for bed ridden patients.

  • TENA Comfort Pads Extra Protection

    TENA Comfort Pads Extra Protection

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    TENA Comfort Pads Extra Protection are a great solution for toileting during restorative care and feature extra leakage protection, a Dry-Fast Core, a soft, cotton-like topsheet and adhesive strips for a more secure attachment. 30 pads per bag.

  • TENA Comfort Pants

    TENA Comfort Pants

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    TENA Comfort Pants are designed to be comfortable to wear, and are also reusable. They use the TENA Comfort Pads to remain securely in place and feature soft elastic edges for added comfort. They will also retain their shape through several washings. Wearable by both men and women.

  • TENA Night Super Pads

    TENA Night Super Pads

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    TENA Night Super Pads use a 2 piece design and are a great choice for protection from moderate to heavy incontinence. They are very compatible with TENA Comfort Pants, with which they will provide a discrete fit contoured to the shape of the body. Key features include Dry-Fast core technology, a light and airy 2 piece pad and pant system and a high level of comfort and security against leakage.

  • TENA ProSkin Stretch Super Briefs

    TENA ProSkin Stretch Super Briefs

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    TENA ProSkin Stretch Super Briefs provide maximum protection against the problems of incontinence and can be used for either night-time or extended wear protection. They include all the key TENA anti incontinence technologies, including ConfioAir Fully Breathable capability, the InstraDri Skin Caring system and Stretch Side panels. 28 briefs per pack for the Medium and Large/X-Large versions as well as 8 per pack for the XXX-Large.

  • TENA ProSkin Stretch Ultra Briefs

    TENA ProSkin Stretch Ultra Briefs

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    TENA ProSkin Stretch Ultra Briefs provide a comfortable wearing experience along with protection from moderate to heavy bowel and bladder incontinence. Included features are the ConfioAir breathable technology, Stretch sides, InstaDri Skin Caring technology and outstanding odor control. Available in sizes Medium, Large/X-Large and XX-Large and colors white, lavendar and beige.

  • TENA ProSkin Super Briefs

    TENA ProSkin Super Briefs

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    TENA ProSkin Super Briefs provide superior absorbency to reduce the need for checking for diaper wetness, allowing  patients to get a better night’s sleep as a result. Their adjustable hook system allows for continual diaper adjustment until the perfect fit is attained and there is a visual indicator to signal wetness without the need for diaper removal. Available in sizes, Medium, Regular, Large and X-Large.

  • TENA ProSkin Ultra Briefs

    TENA ProSkin Ultra Briefs

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    TENA ProSkin Ultra Briefs are incontinence briefs use a hook system to permit unlimited fastening and unfastening and provide outstanding dryness and odor control to combat bowel and/or bladder incontinence.

  • TENA ProSkin Underwear For Men with Maximum Absorbency

    TENA ProSkin Underwear For Men With Maximum Absorbency

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    TENA ProSkin Underwear for Men with Maximum Absorbency provides a stylish and attractive underwear choice together with protection from moderate to heavy urine leakage. Included features are ConfioAir Fully Breathable protection, curved leg elastics and super absorbent polymers. Available in sizes Medium, Large & X-Large.

  • TENA Protective Cream

    TENA Protective Cream

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    TENA skin protective cream uses zinc oxide as an active ingredient and creates a barrier over the skin to repel dry air and keep the skin moist and healthy.

  • TENA Ultra Washcloths

    TENA Ultra Washcloths

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    TENA Ultra Washcloths are pre moistened wipes perfect for rinse free cleansing, soothing and conditioning the skin. They are also designed for easy use with single hand dispensing from a low profiled soft pack.

  • Tensoplast Tape (Athletic Elastic Adhesive Tape)
    In Stock

    Tensoplast Athletic Elastic Adhesive Tape

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    Tensoplast tape is a light ealstic adhesive tape suitable for applying medium support or compression in treating soft tissue injuries such as strains & sprains. Key benefits:

    • Highly adhesive;
    • Can provide robust compression and long lasting support when required;
    • Water repellant;
    • Air permeable, and so allows the skin to breathe under the tape;
    • Uses a thinner substrate than other Tensoplast products.
  • Tensoplast
    In Stock

    Tensoplast Robust Elastic Adhesive Bandage

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    Tensoplast Robust Elastic Adhesive Bandage is a strong non tearable elastic bandage designed to stay jn place for extended periods. Key features and benefits are:

    • Will retain its position even in highly contoured body areas (e.g. the shoulder);
    • Porous adhesive that allows your skin to continue breathing;
    • Firm consistent and reliable adhesive;
    • Fluffy edges for enhanced patient comfort;
    • Yellow central guideline for accurate overlap during application.
  • Tensosport Bleached Robust Elastic Adhesive Bandages

    Tensosport Robust Elastic Adhesive Bandage

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    Tensosport is a bleached robust elastic adhesive bandage made from high quality extensible cloth & providing firm compression & support to injured soft tissues.

    • Uses a porous adhesive for optimum breathability and comfort;
    • Powerful and reliable adhesive;
    • Fluffed edges for comfort (no marking of the skin);
    • Useful for supporting injured joints and tissues to allow them to heal naturally.
    • Also useful as a secondary bandage support, especially over contoured areas like the elbow or shoulder.