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Cotton / Lycra

LightPlast pro is an elastic and tearable athletic tape that offers consistent unwind tension and excellent conformability.

  • Cotton/Lycra blend makes for a comfortable wearing exsperience;
  • Ideal for supporting weak/unstable joints during athletic activity
  • Highly elastic – can stretch by up to 75% of its original length;
  • Available in 2 sizes – 2″ x 5 yds and 3″ x 5 yds. Both sold by the case.

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LightPlast Pro is made by BSN Medical and is a light tearable and highly elastic tape useful for securing the smaller limbs and joints against sprains, strains and general instability. It is also useful in veterinary work for wrapping wounds on equine coronet bands.

This tape is made from a cotton/lycra blend, which is soft and comfortable to wear, yet strong and durable enough to withstand the demands of athletic activity.

It is equipped with excellent air permeability and is made to support uniform tension throughout the area of application, thanks to its cotton / lycra (spandex) hybrid construction.

It is coated with an excellent porous adhesive made from natural rubber. These qualities make it an excellent choice for many strapping and taping needs, whether at home, in the gym or on the playing field.

One of the main features of BSN Lightplast Pro tape is its elasticity. This tape can stretch by up to 75% of its original length, providing a customizable fit and support for the individual. This elasticity also allows for a greater range of motion during physical activity, while still providing adequate support and stability.

The adhesive on the tape is strong enough to stay in place during physical activity, yet gentle enough to remove without causing skin irritation or discomfort.

This tape is available in a range of widths and lengths, making it suitable for use on various body parts, including the ankle, knee, wrist, and shoulder.

It can be used to support joints and muscles during physical activity, or as part of a rehabilitation program to aid in injury recovery.

Overall, BSN Lightplast Pro tape is a versatile and reliable option for athletic taping needs. Its elasticity, water-resistance, and gentle adhesive make it a popular choice among athletes and physical therapists alike.

With a range of widths and lengths available, this tape can be customized to meet the specific needs of the individual, providing optimal support and stability during physical activity.

LightPlast Pro comes in two sizes – 3″ x 5yds and 2″ x 5 yds.


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