Tensoplast Robust Elastic Adhesive Bandage

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Tensoplast Robust Elastic Adhesive Bandage is a strong non tearable elastic bandage designed to stay jn place for extended periods. Key features and benefits are:

  • Will retain its position even in highly contoured body areas (e.g. the shoulder);
  • Porous adhesive that allows your skin to continue breathing;
  • Firm consistent and reliable adhesive;
  • Fluffy edges for enhanced patient comfort;
  • Yellow central guideline for accurate overlap during application.

Tensoplast Robust Elastic Adhesive Bandage from BSN is a non tearable and highly tensile elastic tape made from a high quality extensible cloth. It provides firm controlled compression and strong support.

Tensoplast is designed to provide strong therapeutic support as well as compression for treatment of soft tissue and joint injuries. Featuring a high quality substrate, It will remain firmly in place for extended periods or vigorous physical activity.

Other applications are:

  • An excellent solution to control swelling and effusion (escxape of bodily fluids)
  • Can be used for  securing wound dressings, especially over irregularly shaped areas.
  • Can also be used to apply compression over contoured areas;
  • As a secondary bandage used for retention of primary wound dressings;

It also has a porous construction that allows air and moisture to pass through its material. The patient’s skin can breathe freely under the bandage.

Tensoplast also has a yellow center line to facilitate the precise amount of required overlap during application. This allows for quick and accurate application with the desired amount of support and compression..

The fluffy edges of this tape also contribute to patent comfort.

Comparable to StretchM or Elastikwrap.

Available in dimensions 7.5CM x 4.5M and 10CM x 4.5M.


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