HypaFix Wound Dressing

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Product Attributes

10cm x 10m, 15cm x 10m, 5cm x 10m

BSN HypaFix offers both small and wide area fixation of primary dressings on surgical or wound sites with superb protection from infection, contamination and foreign matter. It is also a great choice for fixation of instruments, probes, catheters or similar instruments and conforms well to highly contoured areas such as the knee or elbow.


BSN HypaFix is an acute wound care product that does not restrict freedom of movement. It offers small or wide area fixation of a primary wound dressing thus reducing the risk of infection or invasion of foreign matter.

In addition to fixation of primary dressings, BSN HypaFix is also useful for fixing post operative drainage lines, probes, instruments and catheters.

It will also provide light compression to the wound area, which itself brings a range of therapeutical benefits.

Like DynaPro Adhesive Non-Woven Fabric, it is latex free and so will not present a risk to those who have a history of latex sensitivity.

The dressing is radio transparent, so you can leave it in place during x-rays or radiotherapy with no interference to the healing process.

It has a low allergy adhesive that offers strong holding power over both the short and long term. You can easily cut it to the shape and size you need, leaving nothing to waste.

It also has excellent conformability, even on contoured areas such as the knee, elbow and shoulder. In fact, it is the ideal choice for patellafemoral taping.

BSN HypaFix removal is virtually painless and does not leave any adhesive residue. You can easily reuse the dressing – it will retain its conformability and will not curl when pulled off and reapplied.

BSN HypaFix – Indications

  • Fixation of primary dressings on small to wide area surgical or wound sites
  • Superb flexibility for areas like elbows or knees
  • Ideal choice for patellafemoral taping
  • Great for emergency kits taken along on camping or other outdoor activities.

BSN HypaFix – Instructions

  • Ensure the area you are going to treat is clean and dry
  • Detemine the amount of dressing you will need and use scissors to cut out the required amount of dressing using the grid lines on the underside as a guideline.
  • Use the release paper section to remove the backing and apply to the surgical or wound area.


5cm x 10m
10cm x 10m
15cm x 10m


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