Tensoplast Athletic Elastic Adhesive Tape

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Tensoplast tape is a light ealstic adhesive tape suitable for applying medium support or compression in treating soft tissue injuries such as strains & sprains. Key benefits:

  • Highly adhesive;
  • Can provide robust compression and long lasting support when required;
  • Water repellant;
  • Air permeable, and so allows the skin to breathe under the tape;
  • Uses a thinner substrate than other Tensoplast products.

Tensoplast tape is a light elastic adhesive tape optimal for applying medium levels of compression or support. It is equipped with long lasting adhesive and will provide firm but controlled support to injured or weak joints or limbs.

The tape has fluffy non fray edges that will help prevent rucking or marking of the skin.

Tensoplast tape is indicated for:

  • Limiting joint or muscle movement in order to give injured soft tissue a chance to heal;
  • Remedying incorrect position or posture.

The tape is available in sizes 5CM x 4.5M and 7.5CM x 4.5M.

This type of Tensoplast tape is comparable to DynaPro Stretchlight or Ultralight tape.


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