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TENA Comfort pads are designed to provide super close conformity to the body’s contours while keeping moisture away from the skin with the InstaDri Skin caring system. They are unisex and come in both night and day usage versions, each with a customized level of absorbency. With other key features such as standing leg gathers and an indicator line, this is the ideal comfort pad for bed ridden patients.


The TENA Comfort provides protection against moderate to heavy bladder leakage. At the same time it conforms to the body’s contours and provides a closer and more discreet fit. Key features of this comfort pad for bed ridden patients include:

  • Sure stay fixation;
  • InstaDri Skin caring system that locks moisture away from the skin, keeping the patient dry and comfortable;
  • Indicator line;
  • Standing leg gathers;
  • Body contoured to ensure a close and comfortable fit.
  • Designed for use with TENA Comfort Pants.

TENA Comfort pads come in 2 forms – heavy absorbency for day use and super absorbency for night use. They are unisex, with the day pad being yellow in color while the night pad is green. The pads for daytime usage are 46 to a pack while the night use pads are 30 to a pack.



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