TENA Protective Cream

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100 ml Tube

TENA skin protective cream uses zinc oxide as an active ingredient and creates a barrier over the skin to repel dry air and keep the skin moist and healthy.

SKU: DM-64406

TENA Skin protective cream is a great solution for treating chafed, cracked or otherwise irritated skin. Individuals with sensitive skin may find that cold dry weather (typically experienced during North American winters) tend to cause these problems. Elderly individuals may also be particularly vulnerable to these problems.

TENA cream contains the active ingredient zinc oxide as well as natural oils and vitamin E (known to nourish and moisturize skin dry skin).Zinc oxide has been used as a skin nutrient for 1000s of years and is used today to treat skin damage from burns, scars and other problems. You can read more about is use in skin treatment here.

The cream works by creating a barrier layer over the skin to keep the moisture in. For the benefit of those with extra sensitive skin, TENA is unscented.

Sold in a 100 mL tube.


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