TENA Ultra Washcloths

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TENA Ultra Washcloths are pre moistened wipes perfect for rinse free cleansing, soothing and conditioning the skin. They are also designed for easy use with single hand dispensing from a low profiled soft pack.

TENA Ultra Washcloths are disposable wipes that are useful for cleaning cand conditioning. They also have a moisture enriched lotion that makes them perfectly suited for cleaning the skin and leaving it soothed and relaxed.

These soft, pre moistened wipes are designed to be easy to use and even allow for one handed dispensing.

Another key feature is that they are rinse free. You can therefore use them to treat bedridden patients without moving them to a source of running water.

The wipes are treated with Dimethicone, Aloe and Chamomile.

They can be purchased either scented or unscented. 48 washcloths per pack.



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