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  • Coban Self Adherent Wrap - Latex free

    Coban Self Adherent Wrap

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    • Coban Self Adherent Wraps will be a versatile but potent addition to any first aid kit.
    • They can be used just like a traditional adhesive tape or bandage but will stick to itself rather than to the patient’ skin.
    • The wraps will help in first aid treatment of strains, sprains and other soft tissue injuries.
    • Also useful for treating cuts, scrapes, burns and other typical camping, hiking or other outdoor activity injuries by serving as fixation bandages that keep primary bandages firmly in place.
    • Easily applied over the injured spot and then removed, adjusted and re-applied as necessary (no loss of tension or pressure)
    • Also useful for in veterinary applications for treating furry animals. It will avoid the pain and distress normally produced by the  application /removal of a traditional adhesive bandage, when fur/skin can be damaged;
    • May be purchased in latex free form which helps to reduce the risk of adverse reactions among those with sensitive skin;
    • Coban Self Adherent Wraps are available in several different sizes, which makes them useful for treating both small and large body parts/joints.
    • Will retain elasticity and tension over extended periods during which they will remain 100% reusable for the same or different injuries.
    • Manufactured by the reputable 3M brand.
  • Bio Skin CrossFire ROM

    CrossFire ROM

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    Optimal support for knee instability with SlimLok ROM hinge

    The Bio Skin CrossFire™ ROM protects the MCL, ACL and other knee ligaments, providing extra stability while limiting unwanted twisting and bending of the knee joint. The hinge is very thin, only ½ inch, while providing flexion and extension lockouts needed for rehabilitation. The Bio Skin material is very comfortable with a highly-compressive single-layer portion surrounding the knee. The Cirrus™ material is sewn in a pre-tensioned manner to prevent bunching behind the knee which ensures a comfortable fit throughout vigorous activity. The brace’s comfort continues into the small details of how it is sewn together; featuring the ActiveSeam™ stitch that prevents unwanted chafing in the more sensitive areas of the knee.

  • Reusable Hot and Cold pack
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    Reusable Cold/Hot Pack

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    • The Mueller reusable hot and cold pack is a versatile and non toxic gel pack.
    • Refridgerate it for cold therapy to treat bruises, sprains, strains and other soft tissue injuries
    • Microwave it for heat therapy to treat sore or stiff muscles or joints.
    • In heat therapy mode, it can also be used for relief from pain due to problems like arthritis, back injuries and other sources of pain due to joint siffness.
    • Provides a convenient on the field option for treating a wide variety of sports injuries such as sprains, strains and bruises.
    • Is also a versatile and useful accessory to take along on camping or other outdoor trips where first aid may be needed to treat insect sting, bites as well as cuts and bruises.
    • Easily stored in a camping bag or haversack or included in a small first aid kit.
    • The Mueller reusable hot and cold pack is available in 2 sizes for convenient application to both small and large joints/muscles.
  • Tensoplast Tape (Athletic Elastic Adhesive Tape)
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    Tensoplast Athletic Elastic Adhesive Tape

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    Tensoplast tape is a light ealstic adhesive tape suitable for applying medium support or compression in treating soft tissue injuries such as strains & sprains. Key benefits:

    • Highly adhesive;
    • Can provide robust compression and long lasting support when required;
    • Water repellant;
    • Air permeable, and so allows the skin to breathe under the tape;
    • Uses a thinner substrate than other Tensoplast products.
  • Tensoplast
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    Tensoplast Robust Elastic Adhesive Bandage

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    Tensoplast Robust Elastic Adhesive Bandage is a strong non tearable elastic bandage designed to stay jn place for extended periods. Key features and benefits are:

    • Will retain its position even in highly contoured body areas (e.g. the shoulder);
    • Porous adhesive that allows your skin to continue breathing;
    • Firm consistent and reliable adhesive;
    • Fluffy edges for enhanced patient comfort;
    • Yellow central guideline for accurate overlap during application.
  • Mueller Wonder Wrap
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    Wonder Wrap

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    The Mueller Wonder Wrap provides firm and reliable support with long term elasticity. Durable and reusable, this wrap is the ideal solution when you are looking for a quick way to treat a muscle strain.